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Glaring Dreams

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July 31st, 2006

05:51 pm - Request for festivewind:"Stardust" short ff vii fanfic
Title: Stardust
Author: Me! (Yui)
Keywords:Candle-lit dinner
Request for: Febby, festivewind, after she wrote a request from me. ^-^ Sorry so late in this. T__T I hope you like. *hugs*
Request: Tseng x Elena. Final Fantasy VII
Rating: PG
Type: drama and tons of sap and romance. >.>
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII is not mine, doh!
Summary: Tseng thinking about his future. Takes place just before AC.

Will cross post at frozenspring laters.

StardustCollapse )
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April 23rd, 2006

02:23 am - Ayame, What Price Happiness part 1
I am feeling melancholy. I have been looking over all my old unfinished stuff and I feel sort of sad. I especially feel sad about my two Ayame fics. I had put so much effort into those. I look at them and go... did I really write that? They do deserve to see the light of day. I had been so fussy with them because Ayame is so dear to me so I wanted them to be perfect. But that just isn't going to happen, the perfection part. I had set them aside when I was role playing a lot. I have posted teasers of them here and there before. So...I think I like to dust off my old notes and try to finish them. That will be my goal for this year. I want to finish them and it will happen this year.


Ok, I want to get the ball rolling on this goal. I will repost this in my achive journal (frozenspring) under a better format when I am done. This will be part 1 of the fic. I just will break it up in smaller parts, it was to be 3 parts. I will just make it 6 smaller parts so it will be easier to work with (why I didn't think of this before is beyond me. I think I had it in my head that chapters had to be long or something like that). Part 3 is typed out (but not part 4 but part 5 is) but not part 2 yet, which I have to type out from my old notes.

A Fruit Basket fic.
Not totally edited (edited some more on 4/24/2006 at 5:30pm)
Characters:Ayame, Hatori, Shigure and others
Type:Drama, Angst, some humor, mild shonen-ai
Notes:This takes place during the high school days of the trio
Written:Sept 30, 2002
Word Count:850

What Price Happiness, part 1Collapse )
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12:57 am - Yumichika and Hisagi
I now finally figured out in my mind today a way to write for Yumichika and Hisagi. I needed a reason why they would be interested in one other other then they look good together. A reason that worked for me in my head cause I can't write anything unless I have a plot bunny. And now I do. I don't mind reading them just hopping in bed and getting it on. I wish I could write so carefree like that. But unforunately, when I would like to write for something I have to have a reason why? All the questions: Who, what, where, when, WHY, and how must be anwsered to me. They also have to speak to me the characters and finding Yumichika's voice was difficult for me. I just couldn't get inside his head. But the later manga chapters help a lot to flesh him out, make him more real to me. Also Hisagi's voice for this idea had to be found (his character is elusive and changes slightly with each fic idea) as I didn't want to bend and break his personality and beliefs to suit the situation. I wanted Hisagi to be happy more or less with the situation I was going to place him in. (Yes, make the muse happy.) So now I thought up this really long reason why. Ugh! Why couldn't I think of really short story idea for them? This could be sort of long if I make it that way. ;_; Anyhow enough of that. I have other things on the plate first, and they are priority. But I am happy that I have them playing it out in my head for now.
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March 19th, 2006

02:59 pm - Love studies
It has been awhile since I updated here. I have been in a creative slump for about a year. *sighs* Anyhow I just wanted to say what my current plans are. I have three fics or ficlets (because they are not that very long) in the works. Strangely, I realized the other day that they all have sort of a theme, though they were started at different times. One December 2004, one June 2005 and one now this month. It seems that they are all a study of love or how they relate to this one person sexually. So they will be collected as such. They are:

"Snowbird" Fruits Basket, ShigureXAkito started in December 2004, needs to have final touches done.

"Still Pictures" Fruits Basket, HatoriXAkito started June 2005, needs the final scenes written. I need a very hot day (weather-wise) to do this. This was to be written for the 30 kisses community but I was in a slump and there was no way I could do all 30 kisses as it were. So I lost the couple and can never write for them again there. Ah, well. But I really think this one piece will say everything I want to say about them. Well, almost everything. ^-^ I still might do at least one more theme with them.

"Incomplete" Fruits Basket, KurenoXAkito started March 2006, still needs work as it is in rough draft form.
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June 29th, 2005

02:29 am - Woot! I'm writing!
And....a small excerpt of what I was writing.

This is for 30 kisses thingy and working title: Still Pictures

8. our own world; 22. cradle

Fruits Basket...uummmm whatever, spoiler for later chapters. *waves hand* Not telling the pairing but I think you can guess which pair I have. This isn't going to be a very long piece when done.

145 word sample of itCollapse )
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June 17th, 2005

04:54 pm - Drabble: Sew
Written for:100_fruit on 2005-05-14

Author: Takiko (Yui)
Title: Sew
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Class: drabble
Type: drama
Characters: Ayame
Notes: Angsty. ;_; This was written for the losses challenge but I was a little late in posting it. I wrote it just now because I got an idea. It came quickly once I thought of a person to write for. ^-^ Also the standard disclaimers.


The golden eyes reflected back upon him as he stared
into the gleaming polish of the slim needle.

It pierced the cloth quickly, steadily. Focus was key as
at this time he created instead of destroyed. Destroying
ties with a snip of a silver scissors. Cut. Cut. Yuki
was no more. He was nothing. Cut from his heart, for a
place there would grow black so he was cut out like a
tumor. Turn away. The loss is not as great if one never
existed. Isn't that so? The red on the white cloth will
wash out with the tears.
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March 13th, 2005

10:00 pm - drabble: Dream Spinner
Written for:100_fruit on 2005-02-27
Title:Dream Spinner
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Characters: Shigure and Akito
Warnings: First thing I wrote in awhile. >.> Cutting it down to 100 words took a little
time. It was 113 words when first written. No spoilers really. This written yesterday but
fixed up today so missed the #17 dream Challenge.

Gently you rest, curling in my lap, so small and delicate. Your brow is not furrowed this time. The soft, slow breath of slumber stirs the quiet as I shift my hand your short raven hair, black silk to my rough fingers. Breath mixes, yours, mine. I watch you as it’s the nature of the dog to watch over his master. I always do even if you don't want me to, because this is the time you let me get close. You spun a dream in my head that I can't let go. Nothing matters, Akito-san. Nothing matters but that.
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November 13th, 2004

01:52 am - of strawberries
I have just got another review on my old Strawberries and Ribbons fic. ^^;; It has 3 pages of reviews on a rather short 1046 words. I feel I need to work on this for I am amazed and moved that people like it so much that they want it to continue and still interested in it for over two years later. *blushes* I need to put some thought into this.
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01:46 am - The boy with a dream
I think I want to add to this now. I am getting my Gure muse back. He went into hiding for a long while and now I think he is back. I had this uploaded at http://www.fanfiction.net/~Takiko but wanted to put it up here as a reminder that Shigure is back.

A tiny bit of a story I set aside about Shigure as a boy. Manga based. (unfinished) I hope to add on to it one day.
Written:Tuesday, May 28, 2002

"The Boy That Laughed At the Moon"
by Yui-chan (Takiko)

A Shigure Story

When Shigure woke up from that dream he was crying. He sat up bolt straight from his futon, tears streaming down his face. He just let them fall not bothering to wipe them. The world looked hazy and blurry through the wetness, like a dream. A dream he couldn't forget. The moon was full that night and shined through his window bathing everything in moon glow...silvery, soft, eerie. His hand reached to touch the unearthly light. To touch the glow of the laughing moon. He tilted his head up looking out to the night sky. Stars, moon, black and still he cried. The moon was laughing. What was it laughing about? Why did it hide its face and then show it only to hide it again? The dog was drawn to the moon. The enigmatic moon. And that dream. The dream touched his young mind and buried deep in his heart. He found himself calming down a little as he gazed outside. His lips curled into a smile and he wanted to laugh right back at that moon. His eyes keen and sharp as he stared it down. And still the tears fell. He didn't know if they would ever stop. He didn't think until he was happy they would. Even if he dried them they would still be there, just below the surface waiting, waiting.

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October 1st, 2004

09:20 pm - Advice
I got some advice. The advice was do what you want to do and don't be swayed. There is no wrong in doing a fanfic on past knowledge. So I decided to not do some changes in a few fics I already have thought out, played through in my mind for a long time and did work on. It would be too hard too do that. Nor do I want to scrap them. Next fics I can do the changes. ^-^
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